Cybex 600A Arc Trainer


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Advanced Stride Technology
You can choose from a gliding motion with very little hip and knee movement, to the ultimate in high stepping or anything in between with the different incline levels.

Incline Levels : 10

Impact Free
The non-impact, reciprocating motion causes less stress on your joints. The gentle gliding motion and low workload are great for a first time user while the higher resistance levels and higher inclines provide a challenging workout for the most physically fit individuals.

Broad Range of Resistance
Offers 0 to 900 Watts of Resistance available in 100 different intensity levels make it easy for anyone to find the perfect intensity level for their workout.

Easy Access Design
Rear entry allows people to get onto unit easily without having to step over a pedal.

On-Board Computer and Display
An easy to use, easy to read console allows you to select from a number of programs including weight loss, strength, cardio and so forth as well as the easy to use “Quick Start” button. Also built into the console is wireless heart rate receiver and contact heart rate so that you can easily monitor how efficiently you’re training.

Dimensions: 67″L x 30″W x 60″H
Weight: 325lbs

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