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Elliptical fitness crosstraining is a new mode of cardiovascular exercise that offers an unprecedented range of variations on its no-impact, elliptical-shaped stride. On the EFX™, you stand upright while striding in a forward or reverse motion and holding handrails, which are designed for ergonomic comfort and a wide range of handholds. The electronically adjustable EFX ramp changes the slope of the elliptical stride, letting you thoroughly cross-condition the large muscles of your lower body and achieve your desired heart rate quickly. The Precor elliptical EFX is the only elliptical trainer that allows the user to vary muscle involvement by increasing or decreasing ramp incline, changing ramp resistance, changing foot placement on the footplates or by going forward or backward.

Elliptical fitness crosstraining is an excellent activity for those new to exercise, yet it can offer an extremely challenging and diverse workout for those pursuing new levels of fitness. The incredible versatility, comfort, and fun that characterize the EFX have made it one of the most popular cardiovascular machines ever invented.

The one and only elliptical ramp incline on the market has new crosstraining capabilities- CrossRamp. With settings from 10-40; your members can now get even more intense gluteal involvement, or they can continue using the range of ramp settings they already enjoy in forward or reverse motion.

The CrossRamp Indicator lets members see how the EFX targets different muscles. As the CrossRamp changes during a programmed course or is manually adjusted, the color indicator displays which muscles are being emphasized, letting members see what they’re feeling.

CrossRamp makes the EFX the most versatile cardiovascular machine in years- ideal for members of all ages and fitness level. Newcomers to your facility can use low CrossRamp and resistance to stimulate no-impact walking and to easily adapt to the “feel” of the motion. Athletes and other highly conditioned members can benefit from the full range of 20 CrossRamp settings at any of 20 levels of resistance. And those who are rehabilitating can experiment with CrossRamp and create a motion that’s uniquely comfortable for them.

Smart Rate is a color indicator which shows when the user’s heart rate is above, below, or within the user’s ideal weight loss or cardiovascular training zones. To activate the Smart Rate, the Precor heart rate chest strap must be used (installation of heart rate option kit required).

Quick Start places the user in the manual course with the push of a single key.

Eight Programmed Courses make full use of the unique CrossRamp options, helping members achieve specific conditioning goals. Courses include: Manual, Crosstraining 1, Crosstraining 2, Crosstraining 3, Gluteal 1, Gluteal 2, Interval, and Weight Loss Interval.


      • L: 78″ W: 30″ H: 61.5″
      • Power Source: 120v
    • Weight: 220lbs
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