“A-Series” Base Trainer


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“A-Series” Base Trainer

• The Base Trainer has an unlimited capacity for functional training in a compact, space saving design. Sure to be the focal point of your fitness program each rack accommodates distinct training modules for fitness excellence.
• Built for work and play, the monkey bars, fat grip chins and parallel suspension bars create a platform to develop upper body and core strength.
• The adjustable horizontal bar station can be used for assisted push ups, pull ups and extended flexibility training.
• Adjustability gives old school ring movements a new school twist working balance and endurance on a series of dynamic body weight applications.
• A smart pegboard supports core stability, arm strength and upper body endurance while doubling as a high re-bounder.
Choice of 2 of the Training Modules are required to complete the Elite Trainer.
Price includes the client’s choice two of the following Training Modules
1. Medicine Ball Rebounder Training Module
2. Adjustable Step-Up/Stretch Training Module
3. Battle Rope Training Module
4. Kettlebell Training Module
5. Heavy Bag Training Module
Let the Functional Training Revolution begin!
size and weight

Length x Width x Height

178 x 77 x 117 in/452 x 196 x 297 cm
760 lb/345 kg 
(May vary depending on modules & accessories selected).
• 10 YEARS: Structural frames (coating excluded) and welds.
• 1 YEAR: Peg board (excluding finish & logo) and pulleys. 
• 6 MONTHS: Coating, plastic glides, nylon rings & straps and hardware.
Accessories not included or covered under warranty.
Requires mounted/secured installation by a licensed contractor.
Accessories not included or covered under warranty.
Finish color
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