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What is remanufactured fitness equipment?

The remanufacturing process is a process in which a piece of commercial strength equipment or cardio equipment is “restored,” like a ’57 Chevy might be restored.

“Remanufactured fitness equipment” is a phrase used to better and more extensively describe the thorough treatment these machines receive.  More rudimentary processes, which yield a less impressive finished product, are typically known as “serviced or refurbished fitness equipment.” Here are a few of the steps in the remanufacturing process, simplified:

  • The item to be remanufactured is diagnostically tested for any system flaws. This insures that any parts or systems not functioning to the manufacturer’s specifications are labeled for repair or replacement.
  • Sandblast and powder coat the frame with new enamel that is baked on.
  • Re-build motors, rollers (bearings) and elevation systems. We use an independent motor house which specializes in building and refurbishing electric motors.
  • The piece is then reassembled with new parts, belts, decks, and hardware as needed to match new equipment specifications.
  • Refinish exterior with paint, new graphics, etc.
  • Finally, the piece is diagnostically tested by certified specialists to insure performance. All remanufactured units leave in perfect working order and are waranteed.

View photos and the step-by-step process of our remanufactured commercial fitness equipment.

Our remanufacturing process is second to none. We have a team of highly trained technicians who insure that every machine has been remanufactured to the highest degree.

How long does it take for delivery?

New items: as quickly as 1 week, but usually only 3-4 weeks. Remanufactured items: only 3-4 weeks…sometimes more quickly. USA Fitness Direct wants to make the delivery of your fitness equipment convenient, fast, and easy! This is why we use experienced and professional Van Lines which blanket wrap and carefully move each item by hand. We often utilize the same carriers and teams which make the factory deliveries for Life Fitness®, Precor®, Star Trac® and Cybex®*.  Unlike most companies, NO CURB SIDE delivery (unless requested by a client). Our Van Lines deliver your equipment inside your home, commercial fitness center, corporate gym or office.

Flooring: cardio mats, weight room mats and/or gym mats are typically delivered in approximately 1 week. Rolled rubber flooring takes between 1 and 2 weeks for production and/or custom cuts and up to 1 week in transit for a total of about 2 – 3 weeks for actual delivery. UPS or Federal Express are used for smaller orders and common carriers are used for more sizable weight room mat and rolled rubber orders.

Where is USA Fitness Direct located?

We ship commercial equipment from 4 facilities: Utah, Texas, California. Our headquarters is located in California, USA. Not all of these locations are utilized for the remanufactured and/or refurbished fitness equipment. Some are strictly for new commercial fitness equipment so please feel free to e-mail the sales department or call or toll free with any questions on availability and shipping.

How does USA Fitness Direct handle warranty issues?

All new commercial fitness equipment is covered by a factory warranty and serviceable through the manufacturer. Remanufactured fitness equipment coverage is coordinated through USA Fitness Direct and technicians are available in most areas. For more details on new, remanufactured and refurbished fitness equipment coverage please visit our warranty page.

Are all types of commercial fitness equipment and products offered?

Most items found in a full service fitness center are available through USA Fitness Direct (not all are pictured, listed and/or itemized in this website). USA Fitness Direct specializes in providing customized packages to both existing and “start-up” fitness facilities and can fill nearly every need. Please feel free to visit our products section for categories and product lists.

Are lease programs available for commercial fitness equipment or residential equipment being placed in a home?

The lease programs we have available are only available as business solutions and are not available for residential clients. USA Fitness Direct is a vendor with a large number of sources for business finance but none offer programs for personal/residential use. We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards from those who would like to pay for an equipment purchase over time. Also, we often assist clients interested in computing a monthly payment to have the balance paid on a desired time-line.

Is USA Fitness Direct a member and/or registered with the Better Business Bureau®?

The answer is, yes. USA Fitness Direct has been registered with the Better Business Bureau® for many years (Classification: Sales of new and remanufactured fitness equipment). USA Fitness Direct proudly displays the logo/link for visitors to access our information and membership history (found in the lower left of this page, and others).

What brands of new and remanufactured commercial fitness equipment does USA Fitness Direct offer?

Here at USA Fitness Direct we provide new commercial fitness equipment by many brands but the distribution of new equipment may be limited to certain territories by each individual manufacturer. Please call for the availability of new equipment brands in your area. Nationally and Internationally known and established brands are the focus for remanufactured equipment. Some brands of interest are (linked to availability, for convenience)…Life Fitness®, Precor®, Star Trac®, Stairmaster®, Cybex®, SportsArt®, Troy Barbell®, VTX and some others.

Where, Internationally, does USA Fitness Direct ship?

Truly, all over the World. USA Fitness Direct has provided new, refurbished, remanufactured and used fitness equipment to facilities in Asia, South America, Middle East, Europe and even a few in Africa. USA Fitness Direct can arrange freight, coordinate containers (all sizes) or simply ship to a stateside freight forwarder specified by the client. International clients may either e-mail sales or call the direct dial telephone from anywhere in the World at 011.1.909.320.2920 (US). Facsimile transmissions may be sent to 011.1.909.320.2930 (US).

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