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At USA Fitness Direct, we stand behind our products 100%. Nearly everything we sell is backed by a warranty, and we put that in writing! Unfortunately, because of the quantity of products we have, it is very difficult to list the specific products and their respective warranties.

Most remanufactured commercial strength equipment has a 7 or 10 year frame warranty, 1 year on moving parts and the applicable new upholstery warranty from the material manufacturer.

Most remanufactured commercial cardio equipment has a full 6-month warranty and 1 year on the drive motor/alternator.  Some products do vary so please do confirm warranty coverage.  Cardio equipment must be supplied with proper power (voltage and amperage) as outlined in the manufacturer’s specifications.  An example is that most commercial treadmills require dedicated service of 15 – 20 amps.

New commercial fitness equipment coverages vary by manufacturer and are avialable upon request.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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